Our Staff

Thomas Jenkins, along with Tim Richardson, opened the doors of SBC in May of 2000 and ever since has been working full time at SBC. The decade between graduating from Radford University (BBA-Accounting) and opening SBC was either spent in Harrisonburg bike shops and enjoying the great riding around Valley or on the road mountain bike racing around the US.  Thomas’ passion for bicycles has him very active with the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition and the local bicycle scene, his favorite time with SVBC is spent building and maintaining the great trails around Harrisonburg. Thomas lives only a few blocks from the shop with his wife Julie and two sons Ethan and Carter, they are frequently seen around town traveling by bicycle as a family. When the shop is slower in the winter Thomas enjoys getting out on the cross country skis especially in the beautiful lands around Canaan Valley, WV.

Tim Richardson’s Cycling passion began early with moms nurturing laugh. Tim’s mechanical training started by coming home from the landfill with project bikes. The bikes were dismantled then resurrected as cycle monsters and sometimes lawn sculpture. Growing up in a rural landscape forced Tim to develop creative means of keeping the bikes rolling along with a mother that supported his odd desire to have all his bikes live in his room. 

In 1987 when Collin was still wetting the bed Tim convinced a local cycle shop owner in Dale City that hiring him was the thing to do and bike shops have been home ever since. Although he avoids using tri flow as a lube Tim still revels in the smell as benchmark bike shop smell along with the aroma of fresh rubber.

Tim moved to Harrisonburg in 1992 to attend JMU where he was trained to be a fence-rider via the Philosophy and Anthropology department, Tim currently teaches cycling classes through the JMU Kinesiology department. Tim is developing a website dedicated to drift racing inside bike shops and is pushing hard to have the spec class bike of choice be a 24? Trek 200.  Cycling favorites include  touring in various countries while singing Black Sabbath tunes in highest voice possible as well as  mountain cycling on awkwardly technical terrain. Tim can often be found in his service bay talking to whatever bike is in his stand and loves packing Acai bowls. 

Ellen Kasiske shreds!  Ellen grew up in NJ in a family of BMX racers.  She's been riding bikes since she could walk.  Ellen also teaches Skiing and Snowboarding at Massanutten as well as Violin.  She's always riding, regularly commuting to work from her house at Massanutten Resort.  




Brenda Diaz, our resident PULP Queen, loves rock & roll. She's originally from Mexico City but she's lived in the valley most of her life. She started working at SBC/PULP in January 2016. There's many things she loves about SBC but being able to work with sweet people and  picking the music at PULP are on the top of her list. SBC has helped her gain confidence in commuting on her bike. When she's not working she loves listening to albums, playing music, Destruction, and going to shows/concerts. You can find her blending bowls most days of the week.




Garrett Watson first fell in love with bikes while living in CA for a couple years. While commuting, hanging out in shops, listening to stories and riding a little bit of CA singletrack that was not suited for his hybrid, he fell in love with biking. After walking into SBC one day on a whim, Tim and Thomas decided to give him a chance at this bike shop stuff. These days he is either talking with customers on the floor or learning to wrench a bike. In his free time, he is busy patrolling at Massanutten's Bike Park or riding gravel roads to the west of town on his Salsa Marrakesh dreaming of cross country adventures.



Eric King, a Harrisonburg native and graduate of Eastern Mennonite University, is a dedicated commuter cyclist, choosing his bike over a car whenever the weather permits. "It's better for my body and it's better for the planet (not to mention my wallet!)." Outside of working at SBC, Eric volunteers for Renew Rocktown, a local climate justice campaign, and he dreams of someday biking coast to coast.