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Tim and the crew know whats up! They know what works, and how to keep you riding because they are out there riding the hardest trails in the area.
~Mark McCabe, February 2021

I purchased my Trek bike there in 2013 and had them service it ever since. Friendly folks that are easy to work with. I purchase most of my biking needs there.
~John Rosenberger, February 2021

Great service, still have some really good stock too! They gave us the right bike for what we needed, can’t wait to get back!
~John Cloyd, February 2021

Fair prices. Super friendly and informative service. Expertise on higher end bikes that is hard to find in the Shenandoah Valley.
~iGeek JSC, February 2021

We have maps for sale and *lots* of experience riding the local trails and roads.

SBC is a great bike shop, and is staffed by people understand the needs of cyclists. Whether you are an enthusiast or new to the sport they have a way of making it happen. On more than one occasion I’ve been riding down in Virginia for the weekend and had something go wrong. They’ve always recognized that nothing can ruin a precious weekend on the trails like a mechanical. They have always gone above and beyond to help me get back up and running. To me, SBC is exactly what a bike shop should be.
~Andrew Sunderland, January 2021

I appreciated that a staff member immediately offered to help, and was willing to help me find the cheaper options instead of trying to upsell me. My son also enjoyed meeting the shop dog!
~Ethan Zook, January 2021

What a great experience! Luke was wonderful, very knowledgeable, was not pushy, but gave us great feedback on our questions. Walked in only to look, walked out with 2 ebikes.
~Craig McCue, January 2021

Good dudes. First time getting into mountain biking and very informative. Dan and Luke are NOT snobby. Very informative and make you feel comfortable while trying new bikes.
~Jon del Rosario, January 2021

Your local bike shop since 2000.

Very helpful sizing the bike and answering all our questions!
~Bethany Gibbs, January 2021

I always get great service when I come in to the shop!
~Harold Bergdoll, January 2021

Highly recommend. It’s a little of drive from Northern VA but well worth it …. great job fellas!
~Mike Brown, January 2021

These guys are so great, they helped us decide which bike suited our needs & wallet. They returned calls & made the whole experience a pleasure!
~Becky Tubb, January 2021

Great products and great staff. I always get good guidance from Thomas, Tim and all the staff. They work really hard to provide what you actually need.
~Brian Bauer, January 2021

Free on-the-spot estimates.

Top of the line products, backed by exceptional service, equals perfection! This team is always willing to spend time with the customer and I will always recommend them.
~Todd Schlabach

We liked the website, the folks working in the store, the store itself is awesome! Staff is warm and helpful/knowledgeable. Appreciated their willingness to order in a bike for us over the phone. All in all, SBC has a great vibe!
~Pam Burch

I appreciate the professionalism and the honesty that goes into assessing my bike for repairs. And the fact you never make me feel stupid.
~Lisa Hasler

Offering 24 hour repairs.

Appreciated the immediate and thorough service I received for fixing a tube on the front tire of my bike!!
~Steve Benner

I think it is fantastic that you are willing and able to repair the cables and brakes of a Rollator walker. You have the expertise and supplies to complete the task in a timely manner. Thanks for serving the public in many helpful ways!
~Eileen Waterhouse

Excellent service and a real interest in being helpful and finding solutions.
~Peter Henschell

Friendly, expert retail staff and mechanics. Fast turnaround on repairs. Best bike shop I’ve encountered!
~Ben Whaley

We service all types of bikes!

The sales staff are friendly and approachable. They are very willing to have lengthy discussions about bikes and the rider’s needs. Their focus on making sure the rider gets the best bike for their needs is greatly appreciated. I have experienced other bike shops where the sales rep tries to just sell the specs of a bike, or talk about their own personal opinion, instead of focusing on what will work best for the customer. I appreciate SBC’s approach to working with customers. The maintenance staff are courteous and professional. They take the time to discuss what service items will be performed on the bike, and gladly answer multiple questions regarding the service. I appreciate that a clear breakdown of the final cost was provided before service began. After dropping my bike off for servicing, I walked away feeling comfortable that all my questions had been answered.
~Nate Irwin

Thanks for the great work, patience, and commitment to great service!
~Evan Clough

Our repairs and services are rated 5 stars!

Customer service and interest in what the customer is interested in accomplishing. Great staff!
~Dick Hostelley

You always help me meet my cycling goals. I appreciate your perspective and knowledge.
~Joel Geisert

Knowledgeable, communicative, and friendly staff who work hard to get you out there riding with a smile on your face no matter your age or skill level.
~Chris Whitmore

We have rental and demo bikes available today!

All of the staff at SBC were extremely nice and helpful. They were eager to answer my long list of questions, and helped me pick out the right bike. I look forward to going back soon!
~Adrianne Berry

Best bike shop in the valley. And really one of the best anywhere. Great vibe, great employees, competent shop, excellent in-person and online customer service, awesome bikes.
~Eric Owsley

Kevin and the staff were very willing to go the extra distance to get me and my crew set up for a weekend outing on some rentals. They were very knowledgeable and gave us the info we needed to enjoy the day on Massanutten’s western slope. The bikes we rented were perfect for the task and helped make the trip a memorable one. Thanks Shenandoah, we will be back!
~Rudy Dean