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An equipment upgrade to my bike that sweetens every ride

Over the past few decades, I have been riding the same bike. Ever the dreamer, I shop for new bikes all the time but haven’t purchased my dream boat yet.

In the meantime, my ride has gotten even sweeter with each equipment upgrade!

My favorite improvement is the JonesBar. This handlebar has drastically changed my biking experience. It shortened, heightened and widened how my hands hold the handles, instantly a better fit for my short-waisted body. My sensitive wrists are happy because the change pushes my upper body weight back onto my comfy sheepskin seat cover 🙂

I feel more in control of my ride, always a nice bonus. The handles provide leverage so I can get a burst of speed if I need it and have much better balance while riding slowly. There’s lots of attachment places for dashboard accessories like a bell, computer, headlight and custom-fit rain resistant pouch.

Something I’ve learned by upgrading my Ross throughout the years is that my bike is an extension of me. I love being able to jump on and get to where I’m going, while having fun. Your bike doesn’t have to be the latest model. What’s important is that you want to use it.

by Amy B, guest columnist

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