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What's the best way to prevent bike theft?

Believe it or not, most stolen bicycles get that way because they weren't locked. So, your first defense against theft is purchasing a quality lock and using it whenever you leave your ride unattended (even when it's inside your garage). Thieves usually ignore protected two wheelers because so many freebies are readily available.

But, don't just slap on the lock any old which way. Thieves are the lowest of the low, but they're not always stupid. They'll get your machine or part of it, if you're lazy about securing it.

For example, most bicycles are equipped with quick-release wheels, which make it easy for crooks to make off with a very expensive chunk of your machine if you forget to lock the wheel (or the rest of the bike, if you only secure one wheel!). Likewise, if you wrap a cable around a parking meter, the thief can just lift the bike over the post's top, toss your pride and joy in his truck and take it home where he can break off the lock at his leisure.

Avoid the misery of bike theft by following our seven safety rules:

1. Tell us how and where how you'll lock your bike and we'll recommend the best models and demonstrate their use.

2. Ask us where the high-risk areas in town are so you won't make the mistake of parking there.

3. At home, store your bicycles inside. If kept in a garage, keep the door closed and store your two wheelers out of sight and locked. You never know who might cruise your neighborhood looking for valuables.

4. When stopped, if you can't take your bike inside, always lock it.

5. Always lock your bike to an unbreakable and immovable object being certain to secure the frame and both wheels.

6. Take with you any easily removed accessories and components such as pumps, computers, lights, seat bags, quick-release seats and seatposts, etc.

7. To reduce the risk of becoming a target, never tempt thieves by leaving your bike locked for long periods such as overnight, or securing it in a predictable fashion, such as putting it in the same bike rack every day.


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