Repairs and Services

Our repairs and services are rated 5 stars.

Basic Services

Professional Fit Services

Specialty Service and Overhauls

FAQs About Repairs

Pickup and Delivery

Our repairs and services are rated 5 stars.

Our service department can handle any cycling need regardless of complexity. Flat tires, custom wheel builds, drivetrain overhauls; you name it, we can do it. We also are certified for fluid-based work, such as suspension tuning, overhauls and hydraulic brake servicing. Emerging technology brings the need for preventative maintenance to prolong riding time and decrease hours spent in the repair stand. We can discuss your riding habits and help create a schedule for necessary preventative service that suits your individual needs.

We know that everyone has different needs and therefore we have two approaches to bicycle service: Service Packages and A la Carte. Estimates are free; we will help you decide which direction is best for you.

Basic Service Packages

We offer packages that will cover the bases for most recreational and utility bike needs. Service package A is the most basic option and covers adjustments and lubrication of all bike systems. Service Package B goes a few layers deeper to ensure like-new performance of those systems.

This approach is geared towards the bike that might only need parts of the above packages, or might need well beyond them. We can efficiently inspect your bike and develop a comprehensive service plan to best suit your needs. The A La Carte menu is limitless.

We work on kids bikes.

Lubricate all moving parts
Lateral wheel true, front and rear
Torque all fasteners
Inflate tires
Wipe down bike frame


  • Hubs and headset
  • Brakes, front and rear
  • Derailleurs, front and rear
  • Bottom Bracket

Parts excluded

All of Service A plus:
Degrease and lube drivetrain
Derailleur hanger alignment
Clean and polish entire bike

Labor cost for:

  • Any new external cable installation
  • Brake pad installation

Parts excluded

Professional Fit Services

Any bike can be customized to suit you.

Getting the right fit for you and your bike

Fitting properly on your bike is one of the most critical elements to enjoying every ride. Every bike purchase at Shenandoah Bicycle Company includes a basic bicycle fitting free-of-charge. We will select the right size bike for you, watch you ride the bike, and finally make any needed adjustments within the workable range of the particular frame size. These adjustment can include seat height and fore/aft adjustment, handlebar height, and fine-tuning all controls on the handlebar. No matter what bike you take home, we’ll make sure you are comfortable and ready to tackle the rides ahead.

Professional Bike Fitting

No two bodies are alike, making a proper bicycle fitting a highly-detailed process. SBC has a Level 3 Trek-Certified Fit Specialist in-house who can handle everything from minor tweaks for comfort and performance, to competition-focused strength and flexibility testing to get the best fit possible. We have successfully helped over a thousand people with fit issues, from daily commuters to world-class athletes and are happy to help you. Our fit rate is $50 per hour.

Call ahead or email for an appointment

The process to measure, fit and test can take time. Plan for at least an hour.

Call to make an appt Email to make an appt

Specialty Service and Overhauls

Our repairs and services are rated 5 stars.

Have a road or mountain bike that has specific needs? Check out a few of the more technical services SBC has to offer:


Oil changes, dust wiper service, cartridge service.

Rear Shocks

DU bushing replacements, air seal kit installation.

Rear Suspension pivots

Overhaul of all pivots, cleaning, lubricating and torque to spec.

Installation of pivot kits

Hydraulic Brake Bleed

A comprehensive brake system service including new fluids, cleaning of caliper and pistons, realignment and caliper adjustment.

Wheel Builds

Road, mountain, touring, and BMX.

Tubeless tire conversions

Di2 firmware updates

Disc brake installation and service

FAQs About Repairs

Our customer services is rated 5 stars.

Do I need to call before I bring my bike in?

You’re more than welcome to, but it’s not necessary. We take walk-in appointments at any time.

I want to ride tomorrow, but I need something fixed on my bike today. Can you do it?

As long as we have the parts necessary to perform the repair, we can get your bike in and out of the shop in 24 hours or less.

What if I am coming from out of town?

If you are on a tight schedule or distance prevents you from being able to drop your bike off, we’re happy to accommodate. Call or email us and we can set up an appointment time to service your bike as quickly as possible to make the process smooth and simple for you.

Life is busy, and I don’t have time to bring my bike by the shop. What do I do?

Since we opened in 2000, we have offered local pick-up and delivery for service work. Fees depend on distance from the shop. Call us for more information.

Any bike can be customized to suit you.

How much will it cost to fix my bike?

Much of our service is done a la carte, and we offer free estimates on repairs. Bring your bike in at any time for a free check-over and non-binding estimate. In addition, we offer two cost-effective service packages to give you a comprehensive tune-up.

I have a certain bike that is unusual or unique, can you do repairs on it?

Our mechanics are well-trained, experienced and skilled at tackling all sorts of issues with different types of bikes. We have the resources to help you out with anything unique, antique or complex. Call us or email us with more questions.

Call about your bike Email about your bike

Pickup and Delivery

We look forward to helping you with your bike.

Feel like your bike needs some work, but don’t have time to come by the shop? Perhaps you don’t have an easy way to transport your bike to one of our locations for a repair? Shenandoah Bicycle Company offers pickup and delivery for bicycle repairs in the city of Harrisonburg.

For JMU students or faculty, we offer free pick-up and delivery from any on-campus location to Cycle Central.

We also provide pickup and delivery for Harrisonburg residents to our downtown location on South Main St. For a small fee, we’ll stop by your place of residence and take your bike to the shop, where we will call you with an estimate before doing repairs. After the work is completed and checked over, we’ll deliver it back to you.

Get in touch via phone or email for information regarding pick-up and delivery.

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