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First off, we wish you and your family all the best in these uncertain times. During these shut down days we need to think of what we “can do”. The “can do’s” might be a house project, family puzzles or spit shine that old bike of yours. It’s time to look at the needed physical space separation as opportunity (we just don’t care for the social distance phrase)! Catch up on the list of books you’ve stock piled (Bertrand Russell’s “Conquest of Happiness” tops the charts). Journaling is also one of the most powerful tools during times of stress, write it down and let it go…

On Friday SBC decided to temporarily shut its doors for two weeks so we could help flatten the curve. When this decision was made we were hoping the closure might only be for two weeks, in light of our Governors recent announcements and the continual environment changes we are realizing that our retail closure will most likely last longer.

This is what SBC “CAN DO” to help support your cycling needs now and for the foreseeable future (but the crystal ball is a little cloudy and keeps changing).

-We will be available to answer any calls to our shop during our winter shop hours: M-F 11-6 Sat: 9-4. Call with any questions or just talk to a friendly human! Prank phone calls are encouraged! You can also reach out to us via our cell phones! (numbers below)

-Email us your questions anytime: We will be checking our inbox well before breakfast and well past last call, and probably between every hand wash (so a lot).

-Repairs: We still offer 24 hour turn around on most repairs. We can arrange a safe drop off at SBC and get your bike back to you quickly. Drop offs and pick ups will happen outside, we can provide a lock and combo so you can safely drop off out front or on our back patio. We will intake and turn the service work around quickly to keep you rolling. The bright side, there is plenty of parking front or back!

-Product: We have a shop full of quality products, clothing and service parts that we can safely get in your hands, or at least outside our door sanitized or shipped to you. You may not be able to wander around the store but our staff can help you pick out what you need. We just got a new 100′ phone cord so we can wander with you on the other line! Our staff loves talking bikes stuff with you and are happy to help you pick out the right product for your latest bike needs.

-Speaking of staff: We still plan to keep our SBC family employed as much as possible but will keep on site staff to a maximum of 2-3 folks at a time. No big crowds here!

-Payments: All payments can be taken over the phone or paid via check until further notice. Keep the cash buried in the back yard for now

-Order online: You can order Trek Bikes or Bontrager products from These items can ship to your door or you can pick them up from SBC’s door.

Together we will get through these challenging times, and before you know it we will be sitting on the patio behind SBC celebrating a bright, safe and healthy future! The decisions and actions we do now will help us all toast together. SBC loves our community and is dedicated to helping anyone to the best of our ability. Again, if you find yourself in a situation of need and are under served or lack resources to meet any need, cycling or not, reach out. We are here for you!

With more love than ever –
Tim, Thomas, Kevin and the entire SBC Family!

Shop: 540-437-9000
Thomas Cell: 540-236-2001
Tim Cell: 540-209-0086
Kevin Cell: 540-478-7662


After much thought and deliberation, we have decided that we will implement the following temporary changes at Shenandoah Bicycle Company and PULP.

-SBC will TEMPORARILY CLOSE to the public Monday March 23rd through April 6th. We will remain open today and Saturday to allow customers to pick up any repairs or special orders. We plan on keeping the SBC family safe and gainfully employed during this closure doing shop projects. Don’t hesitate to call or knock on our doors if you find yourself in a circumstance of need, our contact info is listed below.

-PULP will be TEMPORARILY CLOSED Saturday March 21st until Aril 6th.

This decision to close for two weeks is one of the hardest and yet one of easiest decisions we have made in our 20 years of being open. To decide on these changes is difficult because it goes against what we always strive to do, provide the best service for our customers. At the same time the decision to close is easy because we believe it is the right thing to do. What is best for our community and family is first and foremost.

We know things are rapidly changing and what we decide now will most likely change in the future. We will do our best to keep you updated.

We appreciate the community’s support for the past 20 years and believe these decisions will help us to continue to be here for you for the next 20 years.

Please remember if you need anything cycling or non cycling related do not hesitate to reach out to us, our contact numbers are below.

Our continued LOVE to you all.

Tim, Thomas, Kevin and the entire SBC Family.

Shop: 540-437-9000
Thomas Cell: 540-236-2001
Tim Cell: 540-209-0086

3/16/20 – Letter from Tim & Thomas:

We hope this letter finds you and your family safe and healthy in these times of uncharted waters. We want you to know that we are personally here to assist you and your family anyway we can. Although our current environment encourages social separation, we can and will support you. Do not hesitate to reach out to us any hour of the day by any means of communication (use our email, business phone, personal cell phones or a loud yell). We are happy to drop off a healthy meal, a run to the store or an ear to listen. A strong and supportive network of people is the foundation of a healthy community, this is our dedication to you as our customer and our shop family.

Cycling is a wellness tool that benefits us emotionally and physically. Maintaining healthy activities is more important than ever! If SBC can help you with riding let us know. Currently our business hours remain the same and we will maintain a sanitized environment. We will keep our staff employed and busy because there is always work to do! If SBC can help with your cycling needs let us know and don’t hesitate to think outside the box. We are happy to pick repairs up, drop off repairs/parts/accessories at your house, curbside pick up, you name it. We just don’t want you to stop riding if you don’t have to stop!

The most important thing to spread right now is support for each other which can come in many forms.

Anything you may need, cycling or not, we are here or can be there for you.

We love you!
Tim, Thomas, Kevin and the entire SBC Family

Thomas: 540-236-2001
Tim: 540-209-0086

Customer service is at the heart of our shop and has been our focus for twenty years. Our friendly and factory-certified staff will happily help you navigate the best choices for your purchase and service needs. Our passion for spinning wrenches professionally began in the 80s, back when bikes were relatively simple machines. Nearly 40 years later, mechanical complexity brings us the modern bicycle in countless shapes and sizes. Our shop owners, managers and staff have stayed committed to seeking education and hands-on experience along the way, allowing us to stay up-to-date with all emerging technology. What a ride it has been! From classic steel to the most recent e-bikes, we sell Trek, Electra, Kona, Ibis, Salsa and Surly brands.

We service ALL brands. Free on-the-spot estimates. Our Service Promise is to provide exceptional service in a timely manner at a fair price. 24 hour turnaround on repairs (not requiring special order parts) is the foundation of our promise.

Your local bike shop since 2000.

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