Shenandoah Bicycle Co. in downtown Harrisonburg

In 1999, Tim Richardson and Thomas Jenkins formed Shenandoah Bicycle Company with the goal of supporting cyclists of all levels by providing the highest quality service, products and experience in a unique, inviting and fun environment. Customer service is at the heart of our shop and has been our focus for twenty years. Our friendly and factory-certified staff will happily help you navigate the best choices for your purchase and service needs.

Our passion for spinning wrenches professionally began in the 80s, back when bikes were relatively simple machines. Nearly 40 years later, mechanical complexity brings us the modern bicycle in countless shapes and sizes.

Our shop owners, managers and staff have stayed committed to seeking education and hands-on experience along the way, allowing us to stay up-to-date with all emerging technology. What a ride it has been! From classic steel to the most recent e-bikes, we sell Trek, Electra, Kona, Ibis, Salsa and Surly brands.

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We service and repair ALL brands with free on-the-spot estimates.

Our Service Promise is to provide exceptional service in a timely manner at a fair price. 24 hour turnaround on repairs (not requiring special order parts) is the foundation of our promise.

Your local bike shop since 1999.

The future of the Western Slope trails on Massanutten Mountain

How can we preserve a vital partnership? The Western Slope is taking its annual hibernation nap, not a full sleep all winter but a rest during most daylight hours. The resting of the trails might depress some but I challenge you to use these two months as a time of opportunity.  Use this break as …

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What We Ride – Madison Matthews – KONA Hei Hei

I’ve been riding this Hei Hei for the  past year. It’s a blast to ride on our local trails. I built it from the frameset up and hand picked each part. It’s my favorite bike for technical riding. The Hei Hei has 120mm of rear suspension travel, and I chose to pair it with a …

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Valley Veteran’s Ride for Heroes 2022

A letter to those who pedal, from one who did: Biking was a refuge. For so many years I approached my after-work rides as if to distance myself from the past, and from the daily reminders of “that which we do to one another.” I found that if I pedaled like a madman, I could, …

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Let’s start building the rest of the FC Trail to connect the new high school NOW

When a great project takes way too long to complete, do you still celebrate the result? I think you must! You must celebrate what has been done and push for the next great result not to take as long. My hat is off to the City of Harrisonburg for completing a major phase of Harrisonburg …

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PODCAST — Mountain Biking with Thomas Jenkins

Virginia has earned bragging rights as one of the best places for mountain biking on the east coast. From the well-maintained slopes of Massanutten to over 100 miles of backcountry trails within George Washington National Forest, Harrisonburg, Virginia has something for every experienced or beginner rider. We always joke about whether we spend more time …

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How to pack for a trail ride starting with the essentials

Whether you’re heading for triple-digit backcountry miles or a quick pre-work rip on the local trails, these essentials are critical to keep on your bike day in and day out. A full water bottle It should go without saying that hydration is key for any ride. Mini pump and CO2 inflator Spare tubes won’t get …

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An upgrade that sweetens every ride

I have been riding the same bike for decades. I shop for new bikes all the time but I haven’t purchased the dreamboat yet. In the meantime, my ride has gotten sweeter with each upgrade! My favorite improvement is the JonesBar. This handlebar has changed my biking experience. It shortened, heightened and widened how my …

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It’s summer time, go for a Mountain Bike bike ride …

Last week I had a text from a friend who was coming to the Burg with some old buddies to ride for a few days. I had not talked with Jesse in years and probably the last time we saw each other in person was during 24 Hours of Moab in the late 90’s. Jesse …

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Whaa??? Learn from a crazy man??

    We have a few left … Friends Of Tom Society t-shirts. If you received the unforgettable hug from Tom, consider this shirt to be a forever hug. Tom will walk the streets of Harrisonburg for eternity. This campaign is as old school as Tom himself, cash only with a minimum donation of $50 …

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Deja Vu … The past and future colliding

Deja Vu Mountain Bike Relay is a fitting name for this event on so many levels. The idea of riding a lap over and over again in a set amount of time might make one think they are playing Bill Murray’s role in Groundhog Day. For me, the Deju Va portion of this event was …

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Struggle Bus on the Alpine Loop!

For years my Gran Fondo day has been working the Brandywine Rest Stop with the SBC crew, helping riders recover from the mountain they just climbed and more importantly preparing them for the unknown that lays ahead. Having never done the Alpine Loop, the sharp right turn just south of the Brandywine rest stop has …

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“The Puzzler” is complete after 4 years of collaborative efforts

Buy Western Slope Trail Passes A few Thursdays ago the trail work crews took the final walk off the mountain from “The Puzzler” trail. With headlamps lighting up the hanging orange tape, we ripped the flags from the trees that had marked our access path for the past year. It had been 4 years since …

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